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We are an internet based stone quarry merchant that supplies York stone paving stone, landscaping stone, rockery stone, patio paving stone, garden stone and stone kerbs and stone copings to the public and to other stone merchants in the stone merchant industry.  If you're looking for the finest natural stone available (york stone, sandstone, granite) then we are the stone merchant for you. 

Special Delivery

As you can imagine, delivering stone is not your average delivery and requires specialist transport.  We take into account the type of access you have to your property and amount of stone ordered when deciding on the type of transport we use.  We can deliver small loads via courier who offload using a tail lift and a hand fork truck, they will deliver to pavement level and solid driveways (No gravel).  For larger orders we tend to use an articulated wagon with its own demountable all terrain fork lift truck.  This is ideal if you have a larger driveway as the wagon can park on the road and only the fork truck accesses your property.  If access is limited, i.e. narrow lane, weight limit roads, walled garden, we can use our 18 tonne wagon with hiab crane off load facilities.  We will discuss this in full when you place your order.

Loading the wagon

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